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Inside Job

Updated: May 8

Beautiful dessert in a glass

If you’re starting to feel more like the fuming rather than blushing bride, then fear not!

Look at the extra time as a way of meaning more preparation and pamper time for you! If there is one thing I've learned from years of being a makeup artist to many brides, is that they all said they’d wished they’d started their skin prep earlier.

Great, healthy glowing skin is sure-fire way to feel super confident on your big day and your makeup application will look a thousand times better and last longer. Now skin regenerates itself approximately every 27 days and proper skin care is essential to maintaining vitality and protection, but I’m talking about the skin prep that starts with feeding your skin, your body, and your brain function by what you put in to your body.

Nourishing foods! Eat the rainbow, where there is colour, there is vitality. Try pulses, (peas, beans & lentils) they are brilliant for hormones and so cheap, fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, whole grains, good carbs and your chosen protein get as much of that good stuff into you and your body and beautiful skin surrounding it will thank you! You’ll feel better and look better and we all need time for that!

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